Why You Should Incorporate Design-led Office Furniture Into Your Workspace

You’ve got big plans for your new office. You’ve agreed financial terms, received your move-in date and you’re now in the process of bringing your dream office to life in the real world. 

Whether you are looking at a complete redesign or a partial fit out, this is an exciting time. You get to think about what your business and brand mean, what values it represents, and how best to express those values with tangible fixtures and fittings. 

This is where a lot of businesses go wrong. 

Instead of fully committing to their unique vision and building a brand HQ that the whole team can be proud of, they create a workspace that looks just like everybody else’s. 

You know the look – bland tables, standard computer chairs, run-of-the-mill break out areas and bathrooms. 

And while functional and basic furniture absolutely has its place, ignoring all elements of style and personality means the office fails to stand out from millions of others – to both prospective employees and prospective customers.

What can we do to solve this?

Using design-led furniture to create inspirational workspaces

The strategic use of design-led office furniture and perhaps even bespoke pieces, amongst more practical and economical furniture, is a fantastic way to build a functional yet aesthetically-stunning work environment.

You don’t need to go over budget, either – a few key pieces are enough to set off an entire room and create a magnificent effect. And with many studies stating that we have only 7 seconds to make a great first impression, it is these design-led pieces that will draw the eye and impress any office visitors, not to mention create a positive atmosphere for your team as they go about their day-to-day work.

The benefits of design-led furniture 

Combining functional office furniture with design-led statement pieces can have an immediate impact on how your office is perceived:

  • Design-led furniture creates a personal feel unique to your brand
    Every brand is unique in some way, but it can be difficult to express this uniqueness in the office. By incorporating design-led and perhaps even bespoke furniture into your workspace, you create an environment that is truly unique to your organisation, and something that engenders a sense of team loyalty.
  • Design-led furniture is always excellent quality and multi-functional
    Furniture created by professional designers is going to be of superlative quality, which means a long life of use and potential resale value. Many design-led furniture pieces are also multi-functional, meaning you can save on floor space without compromising on comfort.
  • Design-led furniture helps you optimise your office appearance
    As much as we like to say they don’t, appearances do matter. Prospective customers, clients and even employees are going to judge your workspace whether you like it or not, and having design-led furniture can help you stand out from the crowd and impress those who need to be impressed.

Work with world class designers to choose your office interior 

At offyspace, we understand the importance of getting your workspace furniture correct. However, the process of sourcing and then fitting design-led furniture can be extremely time-consuming. By working collaboratively with our in-house designers you can achieve a perfect mix of design-led and functional furniture that will impress your people and facilitate a productive working environment.