As a freelancer choosing the right workspace is crucial for your productivity.

In the vast realm of freelancing, where the boundaries of traditional workspaces are shattered, finding the perfect sanctuary to harness your productivity and fuel your success becomes an exhilarating quest. Offyspace emerges as the beacon of hope, a website that navigates you through a labyrinth of curated managed office spaces and coworking wonders tailored to […]

If you are a startup, choosing the right office space by Offyspace.

In the bustling world of startups, where innovation is the lifeblood of success, finding the perfect office space becomes an exhilarating quest. Offyspace emerges as the ultimate ally, a website that guides startups through a curated wonderland of managed office spaces and coworking havens designed to fuel their growth. Brace yourself for a journey that […]

We have the top 10 features and benefits of Managed Offices.

Managed offices are flexible workspaces managed by third-party operators, which are becoming increasingly popular due to concerns over privacy, security, and productivity in serviced offices. These workspaces provide customized spaces that offer the cost-effectiveness of flexible offices with the control and privacy of leased offices. The entire office space operations are managed by a third […]

Finding Your Perfect Private Workspace With offyspace

We’re delighted to announce that Offyspace has secured a new managed contract for a 7,000 sq ft self-contained townhouse in London’s West End. Offyspace is our new premium managed office line – here’s what you need to know.  Building on the success of our established Service Office business, we have expanded to include our new […]