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Your Office on
Your Terms

Create a workplace for your business to grow in by making the right choices about buildings, branding, and security.


Create a workplace that meets all your business requirements with your pick of Class A buildings. branding, security, IT, and more.

The Flexibility
To Adapt

Optimize your real estate portfolio with flexible terms—upsize or right-size as needed or transfer your lease to different locations.

Reduce Upfront
Costs and Risks

Future-proof your real estate with cost-effective solutions that minimize capital expenditures. Gain predictability with one consistent monthly bill.

Discover the offyspace difference

Decentralize your offices

The workplace is where you spend most of your working hours and as such it is crucial that you feel happy and loved. There is no better way to make this happen than to bring the office closer to everyone. One way towards reaching this goal would be by having multiple satellite offices in a city.

Work from near home

Improve your “work from home” strategy by offering employees private, professional offices when and where they need it.

De-densify your space

Whether it’s having a dedicated space for rotating teams or multiple offices in the same building, our spaces can adjust to fit as few or as many people as needed—making social distancing in the workplace simple.

Offyspace was able to make a complex process much easier.

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